15 years ago we built a concept agency out of 3 complimentary companies, bringing the best of east and west with scale to the Japan Advertising market. Since then we have been foreign agency challengers and leaders, helping our clients build their business.

January 2016

we will ‘Reboot’ our business as we continue to strengthen our core competencies and add many new ones.

We are dedicated to building an organization bringing advertising, consumer strategy, CRM, social strategy, content publishing, media, data analytics, UI/UX design, shopper and experiential events together. Unlike many agencies in Japan, we have all these expertise sitting side by side at beacon, where there are no walls between disciplines to get in the way of the best creative solutions.

We look forward to accelerating our offerings and performance in this market as we bring these new skills to create truly innovative ideas; delivering award-winning work and exceptional business impact for our clients.