Despite being one of the richest nations in the world, nearly 2 million people report not having enough food at least once a week in Japan.

And in a country that values modesty, humility and reciprocity, Second Harvest Japan thought that something could be done to help.

ONGAESHI - The deeply held value of giving back, served as the inspiration.

That is how “marugohan” was created. A new style of market.

A food bank completely reimagined.

With every aspect to resemble and feel like a neighborhood supermarket. And with a completely new way of payment.
At the “marugohan” people can select the food they need and in exchange, make a pledge to give back by doing something for others.

More than an inspiration, the philosophy of “Ongaeshi” has transformed how the community sees and interacts with a food bank.
Since its inauguration, marugohan has proved to be a success. It has been awarded a grant at the Dubai Expo 2020 and has become a blueprint for future stores just like it.


EXPO 2020 Dubai Sponsorship Awarded